Interview with Huntington D. Lambert, dean of the Division of Continuing Education and University Extension at Harvard University. The division serves 25,000 students annually through Harvard Extension School, Harvard Summer School, Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement, Harvard Professional Development Programs, and the Crimson Summer Academy.

Previously, Lambert served as associate provost of OnlinePlus at Colorado State University (CSU). He served as founder and interim CEO of CSU Global Campus and associate vice president of economic development at CSU. He is also the former director of the Colorado State University Entrepreneurship Center and a former member of the faculty at the CSU College of Business.

The following clips are from an interview with Lambert that took place at Harvard University.


What is the role of public universities in online education?

Drawing on his own experience at Colorado State University and Harvard, Huntington D. Lambert discusses the key role that public universities need to play in expanding access. Online programs can reach many who otherwise will not have access to higher education, enabling public universities to live up to their mandates, while also providing cost-effective learning.  

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What is the 60-year curriculum?

Colleges and universities used to be primarily responsible for a four-year learning experience. We now need to envision a 60-year curriculum, whereby educational institutions partner with learners at all stages of their professional career, providing skills and knowledge as needed.

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What is the future of continuing education?

To predict future directions, we need to pay attention to what our students are doing now and what they are telling us. Continuing education programs have the opportunity to reach 80% of the higher education marketplace, those learners who need a part-time program and who need flexibility to learn on their own time and in their own space.

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What is learning engineering?

Thanks to the growth of learning science and data analytics, we are moving closer to the possibility of engineering successful learning outcomes. At Harvard Extension, the faculty are partners in this process.

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